Ruthie C.

Custom Plantings is simply THE BEST! When looking to replace my front lawn with a drought-friendly garden, I scoured the portfolios of landscapers all over the region. Darcie was one of the very few who could provide what I was looking for: a gorgeous landscaping design that emphasized the greenery and flowers, not just rocks and hardscaping like other landscapers do.

From design, to selecting plants, to execution, Darcie’s work is perfection. She went the extra mile in ensuring that all the weeds and Bermuda grass were gone before the installation (a lengthy process), and she made sure that every detail was to my satisfaction. When selecting plants, I gave her a general idea of the colors and aesthetic that I was looking for, and then she invited me to a walk-through at the nursery so that she could ensure 100% of the selected plants were ones that I liked. She is very direct, but that’s fine, because she is the expert and really knows her stuff!

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