Tyler A.

Darcie was highly recommended to us by a successful landscape architect — who knew she would be The One to deal with our difficult landscaping situation. We live in an extremely modern home with complex design and environmental conditions.

From the get-go, Darcie has been responsive, professional, intuitive, extremely knowledgeable, and supportive in helping us learn more about our own landscaping needs and issues. Moreover, she was very tolerant of two over-worked parents and Type A professionals. We hold a high standard for our domestic space — and Darcie met all of them.

Darcie was able to come in and quickly diagnose the situation; from there, she drafted a very reasonable proposal. We met with her one morning (very early on a Saturday!) at a nursery, and decided on the final plants and trees — most of which were her astute ideas. Within one week, she procured all the materials, was at our home at 8 am with her crew, and by 3 pm that day, the landscaping was transformed! Moreover, she followed up numerous times to see how everything was settling, and stopped by to talk through continued maintenance.

Darcie is not only a green thumb but, really, and emerald gem! Effectively, she has created the outdoor space we’ve been longing for to truly enjoy our home and in which to proudly entertain.

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